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Values, missions, expertise, locations, key figures, etc. : Discover OiEau's 2019 year in its new format Activity Report!

Welcoming message from Eric Tardieu, Ph. D., Managing director of the International Office for Water:

You have hereafter the OiEau’s activity report in its "new formula": a new graphic identity, a new organization of the sections, more space given for our partners’ words. It reports on a particularly dynamic year 2019 for all our professional activities.

Our unique range of skills is at the service of a wide variety of partners and customers, in France, in Europe and around the world. As part of the major international environmental objectives, such as the Sustainable Development Goals or the Aïchi Biodiversity Targets, the OiEau’s missions have been based since the beginning on our operational culture and our capacity for innovation.

Today, the increasing use of digital solutions, for training or knowledge improvement, the setting up and implementation of complex, multi-stakeholder, transboundary projects, the relationships forged at high level in many countries, our ability to mobilize national and international networks in response to the challenges of the present, such as climate change or the preservation of biodiversity, illustrate the active participation of OiEau in the evolution of French and international techniques and debates.

This past action is now subject to the new view imposed by the international health crisis at the time of writing this message. Because the COVID-19 epidemic and its human and economic consequences impact not only the OiEau projects and its functioning, but above all the life of several billion people on the planet.

Our values and our missions, it seems to us, will emerge strengthened, because sustainable water resource management will itself emerge confirmed as a vital necessity everywhere on the planet. How can we always better mobilize useful human skills, as closely as possible to needs? How to better share information? How to further strengthen the robustness of organizations? How can we better cooperate internationally? How can better water management contribute more to the recovery of the environment? So many renewed challenges to which OiEau is ready to make its contribution in the world of today and tomorrow.

For further information, please contact: Sabine Benjamin, Head of Communication: +33 (0) 6 33 89 35 32  -

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