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Stakeholders in research and development


Start date End date Title of the project Continent Country Country
2015 2016 Journées "Recherche et Innovation Biogaz et méthanisation" Europe, France France FR
2011 2017 FRANCOPHONIE - Animation du portail « Eau » de Mediaterre - Site Web de la francophonie North America Canada CA
2011 Carteau Latin America and Carribbeans, Europe, France France FR
2010 2013 IWRM-Net SCP (Scientific Coordination Group) Europe, France France FR
2006 2010 IWRM-Net Europe Autriche, Belgique, Espagne, Finlande, France, Grèce, Hongrie, Italie, Lettonie, Pays-Bas, Portugal, République tchèque, Royaume-Uni AT, BE, ES, FI, FR, GR, HU, IT, LV, NL, PT, CZ, GB

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Upon the joint request of the Ministries in charge of Research and the Environment, a mapping of research and development (R & D) stakeholders in the field of water and aquatic environments was carried out from 2008 to 2010. Thanks to this mapping, the R & D stakeholders were identified and integrated into a database that became a website in 2011.


Who are the stakeholders involved ?

The Carteau website provides an overview of R & D stakeholders in the field of water and aquatic environments in metropolitan France and overseas departments: public and private research units, collective structures, research programs and projects, research organizations...


What is IOWater doing ?

IOWater identifies and offers a panorama of Research and Development regarding water and aquatic environments, by linking stakeholders in research and research programs in France and Europe, collaborates strategically in the circulation and exchange of knowledge between scientific community, managers and policy-makers.

An annual summary is published. It proposes an update of the data from the Carteau database and identifies the main changes in the R & D system in the field of water and aquatic environments in France. The Carteau website aims to facilitate the establishment of partnerships and improve the visibility of the R & D system.


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