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Documentation and Information Centers



Since 1991, IOWater has managed and developed a documentary database on water, called Eaudoc®, mastering the collection, selection and indexing of documentary information. It has implemented technical solutions of the open archives Initiative (OAI) and a Polyspot© search engine that it parameterized to adjust to the water issues. The objective is to federate the stakeholders in documentation, to make available and disseminate as widely as possible the scientific and technical documents as well as to produce documentary syntheses, making it possible to make inventories of knowledge centers.

IOWater also manages a portal for access to technical documents on water that gathers more than 20 partners (in constant evolution). Opened in 2009, this portal was technically upgraded in 2010 and 2011 with a regular promotional effort in national and international study days and symposiums to inform and explain the functioning of the network of documentalists and the tools developed to federate and enhance documentary production.


Who are the stakeholders involved ?

IOWater is facilitating the network of documentary skills by federating and bringing together all the documentalists of the water sector. The network's life revolves around the production of tools and documentary products developed by members of the network on the one hand, and the opening to other networks and professional associations of the knowledge and information industry, on the other.


What is IOWater doing ?

Facilitation of the documentary portal

IOWater provides facilitation, enrichment of value-added products and regular technical support. It disseminates and makes available technical documents on water and aquatic environments held by documentation centers at the national level.

What is found on the Portal, other than the search for a study or a report?

  • The section "Selection of the network of documentalists": IOWater solicits the contributors, feeds this section enriching it with resources that are proposed by the documentalists of the network of contributing organizations.
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  • The section "Thematic Focus" is a documentary file that processes the reports and documents of the portal. The theme is a topical subject on water and aquatic environments. It is composed of a short presentation on the chosen subject, enriched with a bibliography extracted from a search on the portal and complemented with a series of links to websites which make available data on the topic dealt with. IOWater is facilitating and realizing the thematic zooms.
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  • Lastly, as part of the contributors’ coordination, IOWater takes care of the technical coordination of all the contributors to maintain the portal in operational conditions and its optimization.


Facilitation of the network of documentalists - Network of documentary skills: facilitation, technical writing, seminar

  • Thesaurus

IOWater is facilitating and managing the Water Thesaurus working group. It has set up a collaborative thesaurus management platform that allows the group members to work online. Thus each contributor member of the group is enriching and updating the thesaurus.

  • Shared books and periodicals

IOWater is a member of the ADBS and GFII associations, which allows obtaining information on the study days, new tools, training courses, minutes of meetings. IOWater participates in the national information-documentation meetings. All useful information is summarized and presented in the Network's newsletter, which is distributed to all members of the network.

IOWater, subscribes to scientific and technical journals in the fields of water and aquatic environments. It selects articles and makes them available to the members of the network.

IOWater provides the members of the network with articles of periodicals and the lending of books and reports that are listed in the IOWater database. It also buys articles and books on the request of members of the network, the Water Agencies in particular.

  • Seminar of the network of documentalists

IOWater is drafting the program of the seminars of the network of documentalists according to the members’ needs, creates the registration website so that the participants react. It manages their registrations and welcoming on the premises for their accommodation. It regularly intervenes in the seminar. It is an active member. It provides members with the presentations of the speakers and the report of the seminar.

  • Other documentary services: LEMAQ

The objective of the network is to federate the documentation stakeholders, to make available and disseminate as widely as possible scientific and technical documents and to produce newsletters such as the LEMAQ.

IOWater, together with IRSTEA, produces a weekly watch bulletin on the current status of the water world. Information from the Web is distributed in nine sections (Policy, Uses and Management, Economics and Sociology, Health, Environmental Issues, Prospect, Scientific Information - fed by IRSTEA, Standardization, Network activities - news from the Water Agencies and ONEMA, Event).



Start date End date Title of the project Continent Country Country
2006 Portail documentaire partenarial eau et biodiversité Europe, France, Mediterranean - Middle East France FR
2006 EAUDOC Africa, North America, Latin America and Carribbeans, Asia, Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, France, Mediterranean - Middle East, Indian and Pacific Ocean France FR

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