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Limoges - La Souterraine

Limousin Cluster (Limoges - La Souterraine) - National Water Training Center (NWTC) and National Center for Water-related Information and Documentation (CNIDE).



Activities of the Limousin cluster


The National Water Training Center (NWTC)

The NWTC is specialized in the training of water professionals, in France and abroad. Each year, it organizes 600 training sessions for 6,000 water professionals and has important technical resources available to put trainees in a "real situation". It is involved in many topics related to water and municipal waste sectors. Thanks to its 30 highly qualified permanent trainers and its material capacities (laboratory, test pilot unit, educational units, etc.), it is also involved in many advisory missions in synergy with the CNIDE's Support Service.


The National Water-related Information and Documentation Center (CNIDE)

Support to water and environmental stakeholders

The CNIDE carries out projects related to the implementation of a water policy at national, European and international level. The completed assignments include:

  • Assisting authorities at various levels (national, regional or local) in the management of water supply and sanitation utilities for the implementation of a management policy corresponding to their expectations and objectives;
  • Technical or thematic expert’s missions in France and abroad, sometimes involving audits of the management or reporting structure;
  • Preparation of guides, syntheses, state-of-the-art, and technical regulatory frameworks on various issues (technological, legal, socioeconomic...) either in resource management, drinking water production and supply or sanitation;
  • Coordination of European multi-stakeholder projects on many topics (definition and exchange of management practices, transfer of research results to operators, coordination of priority research themes, etc.);
  • Assisting project owners to carry out studies for local authorities in France.


Management and use of information and data

The task of the CNIDE is to disseminate, develop and synthesize information in the field of water and aquatic environments. It especially concerns:

  • The setting up of stakeholders’ networks and the facilitation and coordination of communities (some examples: facilitators for “SAGE” and environment contracts, training centers, documentalists, community water and waste services). research organizations, water intake area facilitators, etc.);
  • Documentary management: EAUDOC/WATERDOC, an international water documentation portal, provides simplified access to a patrimonial fund initiated (200,000 documents) in 1970 and to IOWater publications. IOWater also federates French references based on open archival technologies. IOWater develops comparative state-of-the-art technical syntheses, and carries out an informative watch in France and worldwide (example: aquaveille, eaudanslaville, ...);
  • The development of solutions to process, manage water information (data and documents) and make it available by developing products for its use (articles, statistics, mapping, semantics and water-related expertise).


Data Standardization and Information Systems

The CNIDE carries out the following activities:

  • Standardization of water data;
  • Management of repositories;
  • Development of interoperability tools;
  • Active contributions to the work carried out at European level on data access, either for the INSPIRE Directive or for the European Environment Agency.

CNIDE is responsible for the SANDRE Technical Secretariat, which aims to set up the French national standardization and inter-operation system for consistent water data management (SANDRE). SANDRE was established in 1993 to develop a permanent and sustainable system for sharing data between producers and users. The SANDRE is responsible for data standardization, common references management and interoperability tools.


Location and contact

The National Water Training Center (NWTC)

International Office for Water
22 rue Edouard Chamberland


Tél 33.(5).

Fax 33.(5).



The National Water Training Center (NWTC)

International Office for Water
Boulevard du Commandant Belmont


Tél : 33.(5).55.63 17 74

Fax : 33.(5).55.63 34 92




The National Water-related Information and Documentation Center (CNIDE)

International Office for Water
15 rue Edouard Chamberland

87065 LIMOGES Cedex

Tél. 33.(5)..

Fax : 33.(5)..





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