Algeria : Capacity building

In 2007, the International Office for Water - CNFME carried out several activities for upgrading the skills of the Algerian staff of Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities:

* First of all, in partnership with the ACEF Company, IOWater trained the Quality Unit of Algiers Water and Sanitation Company (SEAAL) on Quality Management for its ISO 9001 certification. With the same partners, IOWater also upgraded the skills on metrology of the staff of SEAAL laboratory. In addition, SEAAL requested IOWater to carry out a training course on sea water desalination.

* In addition, ACEF and IOWater also carried out a training cycle on the design and sizing of wastewater treatment plants for several Algerian consulting firms and industries.

* Following an invitation to tender, the German cooperation body "International Weiterbildung und Enwicklung GmbH" (INWENT) entrusted IOWater with the training of trainers from the Ministry of Professional Training on the treatment of urban and industrial effluents.

* Owing to the building and start of the drinking water treatment plant of Constantine by the Degrémont Company, IOWater trained the staff of the "Algérienne des Eaux" on the use of reagents for the production of drinking water in compliance with safety rules.

* Finally, in 2007, collaboration between the SCE consulting firm and IOWater became effective with the audit and training plan of the Drinking Water Department of the "Algérienne des Eaux" in Jijel, to be carried out in 2008.