The documentary Portal on water and aquatic environments

IOWater, with ONEMA’s support, is developing the "technical documents on water" Portal, which provides access to over 75,000 documentary notes, made available by 21 contributor Organizations: Ministry of Ecology, ONEMA, Water Agencies, IOWater, Research Organizations (IRSTEA, IFREMER, INRA, BRGM), 4 relay centers for wetlands, the Water Offices of the Martinique and Reunion and two scientific journals: Aquatic Living Resources (ALR) and Knowledge Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (KMAE).
This portal meets the requirements of transparency and access to environmental information demanded by the International Aarhus Convention.
A network of water-related documentary skills has been built around this portal, a true partnership between the various water stakeholders who share common interests: the pooling of services and products, the use of common tools.