KENYA: "KEnyan Water Institute - KEWI"

Within the bilateral co-operation between France and Kenya (ARCHE PROJECT) dealing with the reinforcement of human capabilities in the Kenyan water sector , the International Office for Water, locally supported by experts of NETWAS (Network for Water & Sanitation), carried out 2 technical assistance assignments (May - July 2004) for the Ministry of Water Resources (Human Resources Department) in order to assess the training needs for a sample consisting of 6 water utilities (Water Supply Providers - WSP) in the catchment area of Lake Victoria, Kericho, Kisumu, Birongo, Old Kibichori, Kakamega and Sidindi Malaga.

In order to carry out these investigations, the International Office for Water defined a comprehensive methodology, integrating tools which enable a functional analysis of the work organisation of these water utilities, to emphasize their strengths and weaknesses, to record and analyse the results from their operation, to analyse the problems of equipment and infrastructures, etc.

A feedback was carried out for each of the 6 WSPs concerned by this audit.

This assessment of training needs resulted in defining a training programme adapted to the Kenyan Water Institute (KEWI ) through the creation of a specific Department for continuing professional training.

IOWater established a business plan for this KEWI Department and identified a 3-year priority training programme.

The KEWI's implementation of this professional training programme (short-term training courses) will be supported by French Co-operation as regards the educational equipment and infrastructures necessary for its completion.