Brazil - Parana Sogreah

Start Date : 
October, 1999
Completion Date : 
October, 1999
Funding organisation: 
Fonds BID
Description of the project: 

At present, O estado do Parana has no information system which corresponds to the notion of basin Systema Integrado de Informaçoes de Recursos hídricos.
Several Ministries and various administrations are in charge of collecting part of the data relative to the water sector.
Some of them have developed data bases according to their own needs.

Depending on the objectives of the basin observatory, defined in the previous chapter, the study of the existing data has first consisted in identifying the priority topics and sub-topics to be taken into account when designing the observatory.

For each of these topics, the study of the existing data then focused on :
- an analysis of corresponding information sources;
- an analysis of existing information systems.

Finally, for designing an integrated system such as the one presented above, a summary study was carried out concerning the existing possibilities for exchanging information via the Internet in O estado do Parana.
The observatory will focus on data relative to surface water scarcity, uses and pollution.

This general item includes the following topics and subtopics :
- Surface water / quantitative aspects
- Surface water / qualitative aspects
- Underground water / quantitative aspects
- Underground water / qualitative aspects
- Infrastructures’ characteristics
- Discharges’ characteristics
- Withdrawals’ characteristics

It also requires data gathering and management on :
- Geographic information
- Municipalities
- Industries
- Irrigated areas
- River basins and rivers
- Parameters (name, sampling/analysis methods, units)