Sabarmati integrated river basin management

Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Ministry of Water Resources State of Gujarat
Start Date : 
November, 1999
Completion Date : 
June, 2001
Funding organisation: 
Name of Associated partners if any: 
BRL/Seureca space
Description of the project: 

In order to develop a new policy of integrated river basin management in India, the Central Water Commission of India launched a project financed by the French French Ministry of Finance (FASEP), and managed by the IOWater.

The Sabarmati basin, one of the main National basin in India, was chosen as a pilot area for this project which included two main components related to information systems:
- The feasibility study for the establishment of an integrated basin information system for the Sabarmati basin;
- The organisation of a pilot basin information system which will be set to meet the project needs.

As one of the main results on these topics, an operational scenario for the creation of Sabarmati Integrated River Basin Information System (SIRBIS) was developed, considered as "a tool for the production of the information required by the basin authority through the co-ordination of water data collection and management, respecting each partner’s responsibilities and needs".

Description of services provided by IOW: 

Study for the development of the Sabarmati River basin Information systems in India, with:
- Legislative and institutional analysis;
- Analysis of information needs in data and information;
- Analysis of the existing data sources and water related information system;
- Analysis of the existing inter-institutional data flows;
- Development of an operational scenario for the creation of SIRBIS (Sabarmati Integrated River Basin Information System).

Development of a pilot application (Data bases, GIS) for the management of the water related data of that basin.