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Basin management


Water resources management greatly varies from one country to another and from one basin to another, as the problems are different in nature and acuity.

An integrated approach to water resources management allows for better response everywhere to the challenges and is an important step towards sustainable development.

Implementation of such Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is inseparable from modern river basin governance.

France has an interesting experience in this respect. The European legal framework was inspired from it in the Water Framework Directive (WFD - 2000).

However, these experiences must always be profoundly adapted to local specificities, either geographical, political, environmental, economic, social or cultural.


Who are the stakeholders involved?

Our projects are addressing Public Authorities in emerging and developing countries: national, regional, local authorities, basin organizations, transboundary ones where appropriate.

These structures formalize their requests for technical assistance, advice or training. This request is essential to determine the outline of the project and allow for proper ownership.


What is IOWater doing?

Through its various projects, IOWater:

  • proposes ad hoc governance of water resources in the river basins;
  • carries outs audits and studies for the reform of existing institutions;
  • develops proposals for an adapted legal and institutional framework at national and local levels;
  • helps identifying key water resource issues in the basin (river, lake or aquifer);
  • consolidates planning methodologies, while enabling the involvement of users and civil society;
  • suggests ways of organizing databases, information systems, in order to have tools for decision-making;
  • proposes the establishment of sustainable financing mechanisms;
  • evaluates the actions undertaken, public policies in general and suggests indicators for performance and the follow-up of these policies.


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