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Professional training and Human Resources Management


Skills development and human resource management are the basis for the competitiveness of organizations, whether public or private.

With regard to drinking water supply and sanitation or waste services, the technical nature of the jobs requires specific qualifications. All technical, managerial and administrative staffs must be well trained.

Basic and continuing vocational training needs to be expended: this involves studying training needs and strengthening HRD, carrying out training plans, building vocational training capacities on water and waste and setting up mechanisms for financing vocational training.

Vocational training and human resources management therefore allow improving the efficiency of water and sanitation services. For such a purpose, training organizations are major parties in water and sanitation capacity building.

Since 1991, IOWater has been supporting water supply and sanitation utilities and water training organizations, relying on a multidisciplinary team specialized in the different water sectors: 120 permanent experts can accompany stakeholders, operators and project owners in the design and operation of their water-related processes and technologies.

More specifically, in its vocational training and human resources management tasks, IOWater relies on its National Water Training Center (NWTC): 6,500 trainees trained per year and 600 training sessions per year.


Some examples of projects

To respond to this situation, IOWater provides an independent expertise, adapted to the demand and intervenes in many projects such as for:

  • Support to human resources management and forward management  of jobs and skills (GPEC);
  • Identification of training needs;
  • Implementation of training sessions;
  • Training of trainers;
  • Enriching the training offer;
  • Carrying out feasibility studies and pre-projects for the creation and upgrading of training centers;
  • Definition and upgrading of training centers’ buildings and educational units;
  • Improving the organization, commercial and financial management of training centers;
  • Development of a shared vision on vocational training for the water and sanitation sectors.


In order to respond to this situation, IOWater has provided independent expertise, adapted to the demand to:

  • ONEA (National Water and Sanitation Company) by supporting the strengthening of CEMEAU and the training of trainers (Burkina Faso);
  • LYDEC (Lyonnaise des Eaux Casablanca) by upgrading educational units (Morocco);
  • ONEE (National Agency for Water and Electricity) by supporting the development of the Water and Sanitation Institute (IEA - Morocco), training of trainers, detailed descriptions of educational units, practical work protocols...;
  • Rand Water by supporting the development of the Water Academy and the training of trainers and staff of Rand Water (South Africa);
  • AZERSU (Azerbaijani) by defining the educational units of the water training center;
  • Brazil by carrying out a feasibility study of a training center for the State of Sao Paulo and the creation of the Hydrus training center;
  • Guinea Conakry (Guinea Water Company) by training managers in asset management, management by performance indicators and PPPs;
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) through actions for improving the skills of the ICRC's Wathab service personnel and the beneficiaries of its projects in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea Conakry, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Burundi...;
  • Palestine, Vietnam, Laos, Haiti ... by conducting feasibility studies of training centers;
  • The Jeddah City Business Unit (Saudi Arabia), as part of the Suez management contract, for the creation of a training center, the training of trainers, the preparation of 40 training kits and the realization of 40 training sessions;
  • The French Development Agency (AFD) in the assessment of training needs in the countries of the Priority Solidarity Zone (ZSP) of France and the development of proposals to support the development of training centers;
  • The Algerian Water Company (ADE) and the National Sanitation Agency (ONA) in Algeria by defining the educational units of their training centers

etc …


OWater skills and know-how. What IOWater is proposing

IOWater has a unique know-how enabling it to implement these accompanying missions:


  • Assessment of qualitative and quantitative training needs;
  • Definition of national master plans for training on water and waste;
  • Establishment of mechanisms for funding training;
  • Strengthening of HRD functions;


  • Feasibility study;
  • Upgrading of administrative and logistics buildings;
  • Definition and creation of new educational units.
  • Market study, upgrading of customer services and structuring of the training offer;
  • Management audit;
  • Accompaniment ISO 9001;
  • Business and Economic Optimization.


  • Design of educational programs;
  • Implementation of training sessions (see the training catalogues) (voir les catalogues de formation);
  • Training of trainers;
  • Process for the development of qualifying training;
  • Educational kits;
  • Digitization of training and e-learning;
  • Certification of qualifications, qualifying courses and courses leading to a certificate.

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